02 June 2015
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01 June 2015
* ELK Lithium Buggy $1,195 *
ELK GT Lithium Buggy with lithium battery & charger - Great value for money. 2 yrs back to base warranty
01 May 2014
LITHIUM IS HERE - Light weight and powerful. We now stock a range of Lithium Batteries and Chargers to suit...

Motorised Golf Buggies

Mr Ball Motorised Golf Buggies has the largest range of motorised golf buggies for sale in Western Australia. We have built our success on providing affordable, value for money, quality electric golf buggies that you can rely upon. We provide our clients with a best value price guarantee endorsed by our after sales service commitment.

Without doubt, using a motorised golf buggy will leave you with more energy to focus on your game leading to lower scores. After all, golf was never intended to be a workout and using a motorised buggy will allow greater concentration levels leading to less wasted shots and render your game a much more pleasant experience.

Buggy Types


We currently stock and sell the complete MGI, Kingcaddy, Parmaker and Relaxt range of buggies.

Ride On's

We stock the very popular 'Shoprider - Rocky Golf' single man ride on buggy for those that can no longer manage the walk around the golf course. Parmaker Explorer & Spirit (3-wheeler) ride on buggies - these really are built to last.

We support and service Round Rider, Marlin and Parmaker ride on buggies.

Quality Assured

Before we decide to sell a particular electric golf buggy, the product is tested to make sure it meets our quality assurance standards. We only sell motorised golf buggies that we would be happy to use ourselves. The same principal applies to golf buggy batteries we sell. Our product endorsement provides you with the piece of mind that you will be purchasing a motorised golf buggy or battery you can rely upon.